A very tired Luc, a beautiful woman, and mental activity of any kind... do NOT go well together. Especially when the "mental activity" consists of the ever-present debate about Fate and how - or IF - it changes people's lives.

This is cute. And it's pure romance. Kinda. Normally, I don't even bother to read fics like this, and I wouldn't even have thought of writing one. Having a cold + playing too much Suikoden = weird ideas, though. Adding to that, the several hours I spent boosting most of Kasumi's stats to 255... but that's another story.

This fic takes place about three years after the end of Suikoden II. Tir is going on what he thinks will be a short trip to Dunan... and then Things Happen. Tir soon finds himself in a rather embarrassing situation, together with Kasumi, and unable to run away. Things could very easily happen during situations like that... things that Tir has spent far too much time trying to avoid. Meanwhile, Kasumi desperately wants to tell Tir how she feels, but, as usual, is having a hard time finding the courage to do so.

And all the while... something is... not quite right with the world around them...

More Luc fic. A short, slightly angsty piece that takes place just before the final battle in Suiko2. It continues A Day Night in their Lives slightly, but not much humour here

Even more Lucfic. The Dunan Unification War is won, Lord Riou has left to keep a promise to an old friend, and Luc... is still living in the castle. He has his reasons, but that doesn't mean he's not confused about it. And what's worse, he isn't even bothered by it. Because Luc has found an unlikely friend, and for some reason, being around people isn't as bad as he used to think... As usual it's a good idea to read the previous parts first, namely this and that.