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Fan Fiction
The largest collection of all kinds of fan fiction. For readers, the review feature makes commenting on fics easy. Authors benefit from the automated fic uploading process. Unfortunately, there's more crap than good fics att ff.net nowadays, but keep looking and eventually you'll find something worth reading.
RPGamer Fan Fiction Archive
Do check out the rest of the site: RPGamer.com.
contains RPG fan fiction, fan art and fic reviews. Doesn't update very often, but covers many games.
Turk Party Resort
is the home of Turk's Party and a lot of other great fics. Here you can find shounen ai as well as "regular" pairings.
is filled with Shounen Ai fics. Run by Littlemaiko.
The BLUE Archive
Contains fics & art. Hasn't been updated for quite a while, though.
Inner Id the mind of Mog
YAOI and.. uhmm.. not much else. Read 'Hojo's Coffee' if you are afraid of the rest (I am... ^_~)
Mystery Octagon Theater
MST's crappy fics. Don't visit this place if you write crappy fics, 'cause you might get your feelings hurt.
Shinji's Vault of Anime MiSTings
A website dedicated to storing high-quality and noteworthy mistings
Yaoi/Shounen Ai Fictions
Uhm. Take a guess.

Final Fantasy
letters from exiles (and other stories)
The Technomancy tribute site to Squaresoft's Final Fantasy series. No longer updated.
kat_aclysm's FF7 page.

Sailor Moon
Stayka's Dark Kingdom Home
Sailor Moon images, fan art, fan fiction and more centered around the Dark Kingdom (Negaverse) inhabitants.

Ranma 1/2
The TASS Ranma Fanfic Archive
A mirror of the rec.arts.anime.creative Ranma archive. Which means a lot of fan fiction
Ranma 1/2: Hearts of Ice
Home of the ongoing fic "Hearts of Ice" by Krista - as well as Krista's other fics.

Writing/Other Resources
Bad Fanfic! No Cookie!
The purpose of this website is to show examples of intentionally bad fanfic, also known as BadFic, and to explain what makes them bad.
HTML 4.01 Standard
What the link says. ^_^ Seriously, though - if you're making a home page, do it the right way. Don't trust the M$ programs since they bloat the HTML code and inserts stuff that makes your pages look ugly in other browsers. There is a standard, and you can find it here.
FAQ about Fan Fiction
Brief explanations of the major intellectual property laws that may affect fan fiction authors.
Writer's University
Writers University seeks to help people connect through fan fiction. Writers University seeks to inform people about fan fiction.
C.J. Cherry - Writerisms and other sins
"A Writer's shortcut to stronger writing."
The Mary Sue Society
The official Mary Sue society avatar appreciation site. In case you happen to like your Mary Sue.
The Mary Sue Drinking game
Careful there.
The Online English Grammar
A little help for those of you who need it.
Merriam-Webster Online
Dictionary and thesaurus.
The Fanfic Symposium
A forum for essays, rants, and raves about fanfic
Common Errors in English

Fan Fiction Review Sites
Slap to the Head Fanfiction reviews
"This is a fanfiction review site. It's different from other sites because we're reviewing fic for the readers, and not for the authors."

:: Version 2.0 ::
Jonatan L's home page; full of weird stuff like Phantasy Star self-inserts, MST's and Suikoden wallpaper.
Janet's website
The home of Quinctia. It contains Quinctia's FF7 and FF8 fan fiction, her FF7-FF10 fan art, original writing, original art and even an RPG. She also has a message board. Go there.

contains too many bishonen to list. Well worth a visit.
Of course there is a matching site for all cute girls. ^_^

Web Rings
This RingSurf NetRing owned by Kainee.
Kainee's Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction Ring This RingSurf Net Ring Site owned by prositen and vincybel.

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