The computer monitor cast a bright gray light over the room and over the young girl sitting hunched over her keyboard. She was typing frenetically, as if her life depended on it. The self-satisfied smile on her face quickly assured any outsiders that whatever she was writing, she was convinced of its greatness. Now and then she paused and leaned back in her chair, scanning through what she'd just written.


Somewhere not far away, someone was watching the scene.

She didn't quite like what she saw, but she wasn't exactly that surprised either. It had happened many times before, in many different places - and it would unquestionably happen again.

Maybe this time, though, she could do something about it. This time, she'd do her best to put a stop to it. Perhaps this time an innocent soul could be saved before the horror had gone too far.

If not - well, then she would have had some fun trying, anyway. With some help from her friends, if it should prove necessary.


"As the newlyweds ran out from the church to the limousine awaiting outside, Squall couldn't help regretting that he hadn't met this girl first. But now it was too late, now she was sadly out of reach, married to the man of her dreams. With a sigh, Squall turned back to his date, the sorceress Rinoa. He couldn't help comparing her dull black hair to the golden locks of the woman he really wanted, couldn't stop thinking about the delicious laughter he so enjoyed hearing, couldn't stop wishing that he could take Seifer's place by her side.

On the other side of the room, Irvine watched the enamoured couple with the same sorrow in his eyes that Squall had sported just seconds ago. He, the famous womanizer, had fallen so hard for this extraordinary woman that it would take him years to get over it. The sharp-shooter didn't know or even understand the feeling now, though, he just knew that his heart was aching.

~ * ~

It wasn't until the chauffeur started the engine that Seifer finally realized that he truly had married this wonderful girl, who just a week ago simply popped into his life, changing everything - including him - by her mysterious arrival from another world. He turned towards his wife, cupped her smooth face in his hands, and slowly pulled her towards his lips.

The kiss seemed to last forever, a moment of bliss so perfect it seemed the stars had meant it to happen. At last drawing back from each other, Seifer and Cellia just watched each other in silence, both pairs of eyes glowing.

'Cellia, I love you so much,' he finally whispered, watching her delicate skin redden with delight at his words.

'I.. I love you too,' the woman answered, giving her husband a sweet smile.

No matter how alone these two had been their entire lives, from now on they would always be together. Together, they could achieve anything.


Cecilia smiled triumphantly as she typed in the last words of her latest fic, "Together Forever". The final chapter had turned out so much better than she had expected, and now she would upload it for others to enjoy.

She could already picture the reviews she'd get for this one. The feedback was one of the most important reasons for writing - why bother to write if nobody would read it anyway? - and never disappointed her. Most of the readers really seemed to love her Cellia - which wasn't that strange, actually, since she had based the beautiful, intelligent and bright-tempered heroine off herself. Who wouldn't love somebody like that?

Of course, all the Quifer-fans would flame her - again - for pairing Seifer with someone else than their beloved Quistis. She could live with that. She'd just find one of the certainly worthless fics they'd written and flame them back. That method had worked greatly so far, so why not continue? It was the standard procedure among her friends, so even if Cecilia wouldn't stoop to flame the Quifer-people - this time - their mailboxes would soon fill up with nasty anonymous reviews anyway. At any rate, everybody knew that Seifer was far too good for that patronizing Quistis, so those fics deserved any bad reviews coming their way.

Pushing the Upload-button, she leaned back in her comfortable chair and took a sip of cola. All that was left now was the unbearable waiting - waiting for the first people to read her fics so the ReviewAlerts would start dropping in.

Cecilia had of course already begun drawing up the outlines for the sequel, in which the heroine Cellia would inherit Edea's sorceress powers, instead of that good-for-nothing wimp Rinoa. (To think that that bimbo actually dated Seifer once! Once of many reasons of ignoring the so called 'canon' - it simply wasn't plausible!)

But before she would even consider starting to write her next masterpiece, she naturally wanted to enjoy her praise for this finally finished piece to the fullest.

Thus the waiting.

Another sip from the bottle. The unexpected chilliness of the sizzling liquid made her shiver despite the heat.


The unseen watcher sniggered. The idiocy of the fic and in particular its ending had surpassed anything she had feared. Even though this particular fan fiction writing girl at least had grasped the basics of grammar end spelling - which in itself was commendable, at least nowadays - there apparently was no end to the author's ego. Or to the run-on sentences.

She sighed deeply, her breath forming a vaporous cloud of cold air in front of her face.

'You really believe it is that easy to become a heroine, do you?'

Of course Cecilia did think exactly that. All she had done to save the world from the horrible fate of Time Compression™ was to grab her DualShock tightly and press a few buttons.

To Cecilia's defense could be said that she had pressed them quite skillfully - she had managed to beat the Omega Weapon after just checking her strategy guide twice. With that kind of experience and expertise in her baggage (not to mention the Gameshark), she naturally believed that she would be a worshiped wonder - as her Cellia was - if she should by chance end up in the Balamb Garden surroundings.

Well, it was time to put Cecilia's alleged skills to the test.

With a girlish giggle, Shiva set to work.


It was funny how cold the room had gotten all of a sudden.

Well, with the summer sun outside hot enough to melt asphalt, Cecilia sure didn't mind. She finished the cola in one great gulp and put the empty bottle down on her desk. Maybe she'd go get another one.

First she'd read this review, though.




The following review has been submitted to: Together Forever: 32

From: Quiefer4Ever(

This sucked even more than all of your other worthless fics put together. Seifer should be with Quistis, not with that bimbo self-insert Cellia of yours. And you know it.

And by the way, it's spelled Balamb, not Ballamb.