A 'what if' that examines a possible Quistis/Seifer relationship with deep roots and a rivalry forged by such bonds.

Gunblade, Origins is essentially a prequel saga that takes place before the initial events of Final Fantasy VIII. It concerns the gunblade training that Squall Leonhart and SeiferAlmasy undergo, which is supervised by a gunblade master, Shin Kigatana. It details the daily life of Squall, contains some meticulously described gunblade action scenes, and it fits well into the overall 'logic' of the FFVIII plot by making Squall forget that he ever had a master.
Blades of Destiny

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Six months after time compression, two of the worlds greatest evils are brought back to life with the help of a man named Diaz Marquis. Now he threatens the very existence of past, present, and future. It's up to Avalanche and SeeD with the help of a mysterious young woman named Lensey Kusanagi to rise up and defeat this evil.

Winds of Fate

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Nobody knew time compression would have a negative effect on time. Now an evil from over 4000 years ago has come to the present and wishes to take over the world. Onle a few individuals have the power to fight against it. Will they learn to master these powers, or die trying?
Rated R for Adult situations, language and violence

Fujin and Seifer spend the night together in a rain storm *complete and utter sap*

plot summary
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How does the death of one alien cripple all of the Gardens, bury Squall and his friends, and threaten to end the world?

chapter 1 (unfinished)
A spin-off continuation of Arian's Laguna-Raine trilogy that picks up about where the last volume, "Reviresco," left off. Arian's work can be found at www.fanfiction.net.

chapter 1 (unfinished)
A few weeks after the fight with Ultimecia, things seem to be turning back to normal again. But when Rinoa bumps into Seifer again, she realizes that everything is not yet over. He has still his Romantic Dream, and he fully intends to make it come true - one way or another.

Chapter 1 (unfinished)
The story of how the annual Balamb Garden Boxing Competetion came to be. Written by request from Brenton

Chapter 1

Just another self-insert fic. [description pending]

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A young girl struggles against her mysterious illness for the chance to become a SeeD.

What exactly *was* that Library Girl saying to Zell in Balamb Hotel's lobby that morning?

Chapter 1 2 3
The posse in Time Compression.

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A traditional "Seifer returns to Garden" story.

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Just a Little Sun and Rain told from Seifer's perspective. First person narrative, too! Meant to be read after JLSR.

Chapter 1 2 3 4
Saifuu with a twist. NC-17 for mildly gratutious sex.

A piece depicting how Selphie might view herself, with an odd pairing thrown in.

Dark and angsty Edea perspective.

Ehrgeiz x Save the Queen (challenge fic)

Squall/Rinoa. Short and sweet.

Prologue chapter 1 2 3 (unfinished)
Discover the meaning of destiny. (Rating: R)