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Devoted proponent of PuPu's Saga.

Rinoa about to kill Squall

Squall looking over cliff

Quistis looking at Squall dive

Squall diving off cliff

Fujin in dress

PuPu wandering

Aliens Arguing

Caraway's Guard Dogs

A die-hard loyalist of PuPu's Saga

Squall on Balamb Balcony

Quistis and Squall on Field

A dedicated defender of PuPu's Saga

Laguna and Raine

A stalwarth supporter of PuPu's Saga

Squall's Recollection of Mina

Rinoa's Glass Reflection

Rinoa in wedding dress

Laguna hugging Raine

Adamant adherent to PuPu's Saga.

Shiva and Quistis

Potent promoter of Jeremy Chapter's "PuPu's Saga".

Squall and Diablos