I wonder if anybody has told her how beautiful her eyes are.

I wish I could do it. After all, I am her friend, and it is such an innocent compliment. Yeah, I guess it could be done naturally - by somebody else than me.

The problem is, I'm afraid she'd understand what I really would like to tell her, that is, my biggest secret that nobody can know about. Maybe the truth would shine through my eyes; my hopeless mud-and-dust colored eyes that aren't nearly as pretty as hers. I can't risk that. I've been acting strangely enough around her already, since I can't even look at her without becoming lost in thoughts. I can't let her know, can't let anyone know. Just considering the possibility that anyone would find out gives me goosebumps all over my body, and a really nasty stomach ache.

You see, I'm in love with Tifa Lockhart.

The first time I saw her, I fell for her sweet smile, the way she seemed to care about everybody she knew - including me. Now her mesmerizing personality has ensnared me. I'm pinned to her presence like a fly to a spider's net. The difference is that I'm not struggling to break free, wouldn't even consider it. Doomed to forever hover in the perimeter of her awareness, I still treasure the hope that she is secretly infatuated with me. The chance, slim at it is - hah, nearly nonexistent, I have to be honest at least with myself - that chance has vaporized my brain to the degree that I almost wish she'd find out. That way, she'd at least have to consider me as a potential partner, just for the shortest of moments.

And probably decide right away that she'd never want anything to do with me, ever again - except perhaps for use as a punching bag. If she could bear to touch me at all.

I wonder if she suspects anything. I have noticed her watching me, with those marvelous eyes filled with something I cannot quite decipher. But then again, I don't know what I should be looking for. I am sadly inexperienced in these matters. I can't ask her what they mean, the looks she gives me. I wouldn't have done it had it been someone else I'd been devoted to either. I just can't talk about feelings like that. Even acknowledging to myself that I have them, is a big step forward for me.

That's why I hope she'd just realize exactly what I feel about her, the same thing any lovesick teenager wishes to happen. I'm a bit ahead of most lovesick teenagers there, I suppose, in that that I know it won't happen. But that can't stop me from dreaming, sadly enough.

Tifa, please, say that you care about me that way. Tell me that me dreams aren't hopeless, that miracles do happen. Just come here, sit down by my side, and say it. Use those simple, overused but still incredibly beautiful and romantic words.

I want to hear you say "Yuffie, I love you."

Yeah. As if.