With his Mako green eyes set on the table in front of him, former General Sephiroth set his shot glass down on the table with a loud ‘clunk’. Locks of his silver hair fell into his face, obstructing part of his view of the man that sat across from him.

Cloud Strife slammed his shot glass down on the table as well, a near echo of the other man’s. He raised his eyes from the glass to Sephiroth, meeting the other man’s gaze. "If someone had told me a year ago that I would be drinking shots with the Great Sephiroth right now," he began, "I would have punched them in the face and said they were lying." An awkward smile spread across his features, mostly because of his intoxication, but partly because of his amusement.

Sephiroth smirked at the blonde’s remark. He chuckled then, adding his own comment to the discussion. "If I were you, I would punch someone just for the hell of it."

Cloud couldn’t help but laugh at the silver haired man’s response. "You don’t have to be me to want that. I’m sure there are plenty of people you would love to punch," he said.

Sephiroth lifted his eyes, glancing at the bottle of liquor sitting helplessly on the table. He lifted it up, and poured some of its contents into his own glass as well as Cloud’s. "When I worked for Shin-Ra," he said, "I had a list, but I stopped counting at around 200 or something of the sort." He placed the bottle back down onto the table, and raised his glass. Cloud did the same, and they met half way over the table. Soon, both of the glass’ contents were consumed, and once again, the glasses were set upon the table.

They were met with silence after their last shot. Sephiroth’s gaze traveled to the window on the far wall, observing the night sky. Clouds littered the sky, foreshadowing an impending rainstorm as the weather forecast had predicted. Even if Cloud did have a high tolerance for the alcohol, it wouldn’t be safe for him to drive home, whether it was going to rain or not.

Sephiroth considered asking the blonde to stay for the night. He would be sober in the morning, and would be more adept to drive on wet roads. And besides, it’s not like he wouldn’t mind the blonde staying here every once in a while.

Sephiroth wouldn’t deny the fact that he did have some sort of attraction to the blond. As his thoughts wandered, so did his eyes as they traveled back to Cloud, who had been staring out the same window as he.

The silver haired man let his gaze play along the facial features of the blond. That cerulean blue glow of his eyes, the perfect curve of his jaw, his perfectly sculpted cheek bones. But of all the features, his eyes remained focused solely on his lips. For quite some time, he had wondered what it would be like to kiss the blond, and he had many opportunities to find out. Unfortunately, he had never taken any of them, and was left stranded with his thoughts every time.

Sephiroth sighed inwardly, cursing himself for never taking the time to sort things out with the blond. He knew there was some sort of tension between them. Every time he was near Cloud, the blond would tense, although unnoticeable to those who didn’t take the time to look for it.

Sephiroth knew the blond was not afraid of him. They had a certain respect for each other, seeing themselves as equals. They promised each other many months ago that they would never fight purposefully unless it was absolutely necessary. Both of them had wanted to avoid unnecessary conflict because it would only cause more problems, and either of them had too many to begin with.

Yet Sephiroth wasn’t sure if the blond was attracted to him, or whether he was just plain uncomfortable in his presence. The latter he could believe; many people were uncomfortable around him no matter what the situation. And although Sephiroth truly wanted his first thought to be true, he was beginning to think that the second could be the problem.

The silver haired man was dragged out of his thoughts by the heavy sigh of the blond. His eyes focused, and he met Cloud’s gaze, quirking his eyebrow as to what was the matter.

"Well," Cloud began. He stood up, breaking their locked gazes for a quick second to stretch his limbs. He returned to looking at Sephiroth, and continued speaking. "I should be going. I want to head out before this rain starts up. I don’t want to get caught in it."

Cloud began to walk away from the table, when Sephiroth reached a hand out to grab at his arm. Cloud looked at the older man, confusion spreading across his face.

"You know," Sephiroth spoke softly. "You know... you should stay the night. You’ve had more than enough to drink, and it’s dangerous anyway for you to drive out there in your condition without the rain. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to you, you know."

Cloud contemplated this option. True, he was highly risking himself for an accident in his current state, and the rain would just make things even worse. But tonight, he just wanted to head home. He wasn’t in the right state of mind to stay at someone’s house tonight, let alone Sephiroth’s.

Cloud sighed. "I’ll be fine. Honest. And besides... I just want to head home tonight. I’m tired, and my own bed sounds pretty good right now," he explained.

Sephiroth mentally slapped himself repeatedly. You were stupid for even asking. He sighed then, but continued looking at Cloud. "At least let me walk to you the door," he replied.

Cloud nodded, waiting for Sephiroth to sit up and stretch. Sephiroth motioned for the younger man to walk ahead of him, then proceeded to walk behind him. His scanned along the backside of his figure, watching his body move almost fluidly as he walked towards the front door. His shook his head, telling his body to keep itself in check with his mind.

Sephiroth let his gaze fall to the floor the rest of the walk to the front hall. Here was yet another opportunity for him to tell Cloud how he felt, and he was going to screw it up.

He lifted his head when they reached the door, staring at Cloud for a moment before considering what he could say to make the blond stay.

Cloud looked back at him, hesitating for a moment with his hand on the doorknob. "I’ll uh... be seeing you later then?" he said softly.

Sephiroth simply nodded, trying to avoid eye contact with the blond.

Cloud continued to hesitate, wondering why he wasn’t leaving yet. He was absolutely positive the brain signal was getting sent to his legs, but his legs weren’t moving.

Before he knew it, Cloud’s arm was being grabbed and he was pulled in Sephiroth’s direction, landing rather roughly against the man. He looked up at the man, his face contorting in confusion. He began to talk, but was stopped when he felt Sephiroth’s lips pressed lightly against his. His eyes went wide, and he considered pulling away, but stopped.

Cloud stayed frozen as Sephiroth’s hands ran down the length of his arms to tangle themselves into his. He wasn’t sure if he should pull away or if he should just stay there. In the end, he quickly decided to just stay still.

Sephiroth pressed his lips harder against Cloud’s, using his tongue to push through the younger man’s lips. He slowly explored the other mans mouth, tasting the liquor from before. He wasn’t fond of the taste of liquor from another person’s mouth, but this wasn’t so bad.

Sephiroth chose not to deepen the kiss any further, and pulled away to stare at the blond. He gauged Cloud’s reaction to the kiss, and almost laughed at his confusion if he had not been shaking slightly. Sephiroth quickly let go of the blond, stepping back a foot or two before switching his gaze off of the blond.

Cloud remained still, afraid to move. His hands were shaking, and things were stirring inside him he wasn’t familiar with. Slowly, he turned to regard Sephiroth. The man’s gaze was fixed on the floor, avoiding looking at anything but himself. Cloud opened his mouth to say something, but was unable to find the right words.

Sephiroth remained standing deathly still and staring at the floor. Anywhere but Cloud, anywhere but Cloud. He tensed when he heard the younger man’s footsteps coming towards him. He closed his eyes, expecting some sort of oncoming insult or injury. Instead, he was met with a soft laugh and a very amused blond.

Sephiroth raised his eyes to glance at the blond. He was clearly confused as to Cloud’s reaction. "What... why are you laughing?" he said softly.

Cloud continued to laugh as he talked. "Because of you."

Sephiroth opened his mouth to say something, but stopped. What did he do that was so funny?

Cloud walked a little ways behind Sephiroth, stopping at the foot of the stairs to glance back at the older man. "You know," he started, "I think I will stay the night. You wouldn’t care to show me where the guestroom is, would you?"

A smile slowly crept across Sephiroth’s face as he coolly regarded the blond. "Who said you were staying in the guestroom?" he replied as he followed the blond up the stairs.