He was rich. He had no love. He had no fear.

No one has seen him bleed or cry.

This is the story of Rufus Shinra.

He was the son of President Shinra, the president of Shinra, a big company and government that ruled the world (or at least had the power to).

As a kid, well, he was always himself.

Quiet, smart, and ambitious.

He first became the vice president of Shinra at the age of 14.

Rufus didn't attend any crowded school.

Everything he had to learn intellectually was taught by Reeve, the smartest and one of the top people in Shinra. He never used a sword or his fists, but he always had a rifle. His physical training was all by Tseng, the leader of the Turks, who was 26 back then. Other people in training with Rufus were Rude, who was 18 back then, and Reno, who was 13, the youngest person in training.

Rude and Reno were trained harder since they were going to be Turks, and also they weren't sons of the president. Tseng was trained by Heidegger, the guy in charge of Shinra weapons and the army, but since he became obese and lazy Tseng was in charge of all the special training.

As the vice president of Shinra, he knew every single thing that was going on in the world. He took care of things better than his dad did.

Rufus was never very close to his father. The never had a deep conversation with each other. But that didn't matter. President Shinra never needed him, and Rufus never needed his dumb old father. In fact he was always against the way his dad ruled the place.

President Shinra would (or at least pretend to) be generous to people in other places. He'd use violence only if there wasn't an agreement with others. But in Rufus's mind, agreement or no agreement, he'd use force from the beginning to the end. He wouldn't take any bargains from weaklings.

When Rufus was 16, a war began. Shinra got into a major conflict with a place called Wutai. The war was intense. So many Wutai soldiers died, but also did many Shinra soldiers. Nobody was sure which side was going to win, and Rufus thought that Shinra was going to lose. He was right, until a first class SOLDIER member started to fight in Shinra's side.

"Reeve, who do you think is going to win this war?" Rufus asked.

"I'm not sure, but I don't we are going to make it." replied Reeve.

"So, you're thinking the same way as I am."

"The only hope we have left is Sephiroth."

This was the beginning of Sephiroth's legend.

In every battle, Sephiroth killed hundreds of Wutai soldiers by himself with his Masamune. He was hero of the war. Suddenly so much people signed up to be in the Shinra army and SOLDIER. Sephiroth became a complete celebrity.
He was in the news all the time and they always showed footages of him fight in battles. Many reporters tried to interview him, but he always refused to give them two seconds. If any of them kept following him, he'd raise his sword and the reporter (and the cameraman) would cry their butt out and run. Sephiroth was only 23 when the battle began. The battle took years to end, but the amount of time Sephiroth fought in the war was only about 2 months.

Rufus always liked the pride in Sephiroth's face. He sometimes thought of Sephiroth as his role model, but he always realized that he was different than such a killer.

After the war ended Rufus heard about the Ancients of the Cetra and that they were researching about it.
"How is the research turning out?" Rufus asked.

"Professor Hojo is still working on it. He said there is a girl whose mother was an Ancient. The mother died during the war. The girl is now living in the slums," Reeve answered, "we have to get her here to complete the research accurately. We sent the Turks to where she lives. But we will leave her alone if she refuses. It was the president's order."

"I'll never understand my father. If I was him I'd force that girl here."

"I guess he's being generous since the girl's just a 12 year old child."

"Oh... then that could be dangerous."

"Yes. She might get killed during the process. The research facility is not a safe place, and also the equipment are harmful to young children."

"How are the Turks doing?"

"It hasn't been long since Reno and Rude have become a member. It seems like they're a big help. The Turks haven't been any stronger than now."

"Good to hear that. But it's true that there has to be more people in the Turks. They can't be too strong with only 3 people in the group."

"I agree, sir."


Three years have passed, and Rufus was 21. He was now stronger, bigger, smarter, and even more ambitious than before. Shinra couldn't have gotten any stronger without Rufus Shinra as vice president.

"Heidegger, how is the problem in Nibelheim?"

"Vice president Rufus, we have sent Sephiroth and another first class SOLDIER along with two Shinra soldiers to take care of the case, but it seems that Sephiroth has been acting strangely these days. The say he stays in the Nibelheim Mansion and never comes out," Heidegger replies, "I wonder what has become of him. Maybe he's seen a ghost and freaked out. Gyahahahahaha!!!!!"

"Stop that stupid horse laugh," Rufus says, annoyed.

"ha....ha........ Sorry, sir."

The accident of Sephiroth in Nibelheim was a big shock to Shinra. This accident disappointed Rufus on his thoughts about Sephiroth.

When Sephiroth was reported dead, Rufus said that he was not dead.

No one believed him.


7 years have passed. President Shinra was becoming 60, and Rufus was 28. His good 20's were soon going away.

"President Shinra," Rufus said, not calling the president 'father', "how many soldiers have been killed in the attack by Avalanche?"

"Hundreds, Rufus. Hundreds."

"So Mako Reactor #1 is now gone... I'm sure Avalanche isn't going to stop.

There's a good possibility they're going to attack again tomorrow."

"But vice president Rufus, what kind of maniacs would attack us the day right after they have bombed our reactor?" Heidegger, the Head of the Shinra Weapon Department asked.

"Heidegger, people like you would be the ones that are off guard and eventually die when they actually attack unexpectedly. We have to make a trap. A trap that would lure them into one of our reactors. A trap to lure them into a place where they can easily get killed. If they get away, we should attack the Sector 7 slums and blame it on them. Get killed by us in a reactor, or get arrested for bombing a sector and be sentenced to death." said the vice president Rufus.

"A trap...." the President said to himself, "I like that.... a trap..."


"So, how did it go?" Rufus asked Reeve.

"The Sector 7 Slums are completely destroyed. No one inside there survived."

"Good to hear. Now Avalanche will be hated forever." Rufus gave an evil smile.

Then a soldier entered Rufus's office. Which was not located in the Shinra building.

"Sir, this is bad news. Our Shinra headquarters was invaded by Avalanche."

"What?!" Reeve shouted, "how could you let such a group get into our headquarters?!! Vice president, should we send reinforcements?"

"No, it'll be alright. The headquarters should be strong enough to resist such a small group like that, no matter how strong they are."

"I shall finish my report if does not bother you, sir. The good thing is, the Turks have arrested all the members. It seems like they were here to both rescue the Ancient girl and take revenge to us for the attack of the Sector 7 Slums."

"Do you mean Aeris, the Ancient?" Reeve questioned.

"Yes, but Avalanche was not able to find her before they got arrested. All of them are currently kept in different rooms guarded by many of our soldiers."

"Good. It seems like it was not a big problem," Reeve said.

"I don't have a good feeling about this. Something is going to happen." the vice president said.

HOURS LATER........................

"Sir! This is an emergency!" Reeve exclaimed in shock. "P....President Shinra...... is dead."

"Are you serious?!" Rufus, for the first time, didn't sound calm.

"Yes. The report came in just now. We must go to the headquarters immediately."

In the way to the headquarters, Rufus wasn't sad. There was one thought in his mind. 'I was right.'

He WAS right. Sephiroth was alive, and something bad happened in the headquarters.

When Rufus arrived to the headquarters, he saw 5 strangers in the top floor, and he saw his dead father with a sword on his back through the glass walls.

The 5 strangers came out to see Rufus.

"So, explain about yourselves." Rufus cooly said.

The five strangers, Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Aeris Gainsborough, Barret Wallace, and Red XIII, introduced themselves.

"Well, I'm Rufus, president of Shinra."

"Ha! You're president because your old man's gone!" Barret said.

"My old man wasn't wise. I never liked the way he ruled this place. I, am different from my old man."

"He likes speeches just like his dad," said Tifa.

"My old man was foolish. 'Always trust Shinra. Work for Shinra and earn money. Enemies attack, then the Shinra army will help you.' It looked perfect in the outside. Well, I do things differently. I, will rule the world with fear. It's pointless spending money on those worthless ones."

"You guys get out of here, and I'll take care of this guy," said Cloud.

The other 4 strangers left right away.

"So, Sephiroth is alive, isn't he?" Rufus asked, "It was reported that he was after the Promised Land, the land of supreme happiness. And I bet you that I will get it before he does."

"That's IF you get through me." Cloud replied.

"So, why is it that you want to fight me?"

"Because you're after Sephiroth and the Promised Land. I won't let that happen. I'm going to take care of Sephiroth and none of you will have the Promised Land."

"... Then I guess that means we can't be allies."