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The story centers around the character of Raieyana, a 16 year old girl who was genetically engineered in a lab by Hojo, supposedly from the cells of Aeris Gainsborough and the Turk, Tseng Amine. Shinra has reformed, with a new president, and is after 6 orbs of White Materia to perform some sort of resurrection spell.

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It is seven years later, and the party finds themselves in many different places than they expected. A seemingly dead Shinra has revived itself precisely at the time that ex-SOLDIERs are becoming ill. The illusion of peace begins to fade as unresolved issues come to a head. After all this time, the party still has not begun to understand the force they have been fighting against.

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(Part 3 in Resurrection Series) - Fourteen years have passed since the Mako explosion made Midgar completely uninhabitable. The child whose birth was the beacon for the Reunion has now grown up living a lie. Many truths become exposed in the lives of all involved in the Reunion, exposing webs of deceit, sadness, and loss. As an everlasting darkness approaches...the night hides fears in the shadows, but true redemption lies only in the light. (rating around PG-13 for language and violence)

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An AU skewing of Final Fantasy 7 -

Enter a new world. Where one pivotal event in history has been altered, changing the course of the future in a Planet-shattering way.

Would life be brighter? If Nibelheim never burned, Gongaga never was destroyed, and the city of Junon was never completed?

The founder of the Jenova Project was executed quietly. The experiment destined to be the greatest general of all time has been tossed aside as a failure.

You ask how this would be, and I beg you to consider this: What if Wutai had won the war?

If these results seem to solve all the problems in the world... Just remember that even the most glittering coin has its tarnished side. (PG-13 for language and sexual situations)

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Since I can actually introduce this one nicely without spoiling any future revelations in the story, here goes... But first, I'd like to apologize. Yes, this fanfic deals with the A.R.F. (Aeris Resurrection Fetish). This is an A.R.F. fic. But it isn't any old clichéd A.R.F. fic. (I know it's a bad acronym, but it beats the hell out of writing everything over and over again.) So yes, I resurrect Aeris. Well, she's not Aeris...but Aeris isn't dead anymore...hmm...this introduction is getting a little confusing... Let's just say that this story will please the Aeris fans and hopefully, everyone sick of the same old Aeris resurrection fic. Or it could please no one and I will have rotten cyber fruit thrown at me. (PG-13 for language and sexual situations)