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Taking place a year or so after the events described in Final Fantasy 7, our heroes are slowly adapting to a normal life. Well, most of them are, anyway. Cloud's birthday is coming up and Tifa has been assigned to find him a present. What she finds, however, is an unsuspected ally in an upcoming battle with an even more unsuspected enemy.

Yuffie decides to do some adventuring on her own before she has to return to Wutai.

A shortie. Deals with unrequited love of the unexpected kind.

There are two sides to every story. Here is Jenova's explanation of why she hates the Cetra.

Chapter 1 (unfinished)
The story of how the annual Balamb Garden Boxing Competetion came to be. Written by request from Brenton

Chapter 1

Just another self-insert fic. [description pending]

Blitzball romance, complete with stupid puns.

Miroku and Kagome find something better than destiny [100 word drabble]

Challenge fic.
He's not quite the same anymore.

I made this Sephiroth-picture in a fit of boredom. Unfortunately, I was still as bored after doing it.

This picture, depecting Sephiroth smiling, I have put some more time in than the one above. If you think you've seen it before.. well, yes, it is from the Sephiroth-killing-Aeris-movie. I like that one. *evilgrin*

Yay, a dog in clothes. Furries scare me. Therefore Suikoden should scare me, but oddly enough, it doesn't. Ridley r0x0rs.