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Added FF7 Fic: Teach Me Innocence by Tess
Added FF9 Fic: Go Not Gently -- Chapter 13 by Guardian (and this fic is now complete, so go read it, 'kay?)
Added FF9 Fic: Go Not Gently -- Chapter 12 by Guardian
Added Inuyasha category.
Added FF7 Fic: My Baby Hasn't Got Blue Eyes by Tess.
Added Inuyasha Fic: Destiny by prositen.
Ooookay. Far too long without an update. Sorry.
Added FF7 Fic: Shotglass Tango at Midnight by Vavowsca.
Prettyfied the ficlist somewhat.
Updated author list.
Added FFX Fic: ...Gravity... Chapters 1 -- 17 by Unsung Hero
Added FF9 Fic: Go Not Gently - Chapter 11 by Guardian
Added Labyrinth category.
Added Laby Fic: From a Distance by prositen
Added FFX Fic: Fate's Course by Vavowsca.
Made the menues prettier. In my opinion, that is.
Added FF9 Fic: Go Not Gently - Chapter 10 by Guardian
Added FF8 Fic: Gunblade, Origins: The Legend of Renzokuken by Artist Signal
Added FF7 Fic: You by Vavowsca
Updated author profiles. Some of them looked really ugly, and some had very outdated information. Oh well.
Added FF9 Fic: Go Not Gently - Chapter 9 by Guardian.
'Nother update of FF7 Fic: Activities - Chapter 1 by prositen. Just can't get enough. Of revising that chapter, that is.
Added FFX Fic: just another game by prositen. And isn't it a sappy one.

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